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about me

About Me

I am here because I wanted to be.

Anew and anew to be born in an eathly body.

So I can learn from life´s lessons God´s Truths.

I flew into this level on angel´s wings,

into the womb of my beloved mother.

Thank you my dear mama for your sacrifice,

that I could be born from your body and drink your milk.


With so much love you cared for me and protected me.

My thanks and honour to you mami,

And to you my dear papa I thank for your love and upbringing.

which made me a human honest and just

Both of you have brought me up well.

I came from Great Love to you my dear parents,


and great Mother Earth to whom my greatfulness I cannot express in words and her Love I cannot express in song. O how I love you our Great Mama. I touch your from my heart and create a beautiful place, Garden Eden together with my beloved husband. So we help you heal and together with beings of light we remake the whole earth. There are many of us here, we all touch your with Hearts and together we create a "New Earth" full of Love, Light, Joy and Happiness.

Already I can see a New Green Planet, God´s children as they plant new trees, flowers and herbs.

Flowing rivers flow again and lakes of pure water and fish arise from this great joy.

Green meadows where there was dry earth, new life arises where there was none. The whole Earth is healed.

No one cuts down trees in vain and no one plows with deep plows,

everything we create with ease of thought. This is my ever longing.


I myself create radiant paintings with help of thoughts. Then I paint them and enjoy them.

Mostly I am happy, when I can help a person with a uplifting words, sending love, wise guidance or a friendly gesture. Little children and elderly people are closest to my heart, because they need most love.

When I am with children, I see how they are very greatful for it. They long for it when adults care for them and acnowlege them for what they know. We learn from each other, children are gifts, especially I love my children Ladislav, Erika and Kristian. Even if they are adults I try to understand them and be there for them when they need.

And grandmothers, they are dear to me for their dear glance and hidden wisdom.

They have some things to offer.

We take care of them in old age and thus we repay them at least what they did for us when we were little.


so ... this is me :)



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