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Introducing my healing painting spiral of Life

Introducing my healing painting




It is an extraordinary vibrant painting. It has the ability to transmit divine survival codes and reprogram DNA strings to help people change their attitudes, thinking, and then health. It can heal psychosomatic problems. By accepting these energies, one will immediately get into a meditational state. Only a few meditative people like yogis, priests, monks, nuns, and others like them who pray a great deal are in this state. In ordinary life, it means a very long process than a man's mindlessness is reached. It may take several years. However, this image of a clear and pure hologram is able to bring you into a mindless state within a few minutes. In such contemplation, one can readily receive Divine energies and new programs into one´s aura. At the same time, this hologram has the ability to clear from you old blocks, to the depth of your cell nucleus, even from your DNA strands, remove disease programs, negative psychic experiences.

In the picture, see the core of the spiral, the center from which the enormous energy flows out, but at the same time these energy streams vibrate backwards. Colorful petals around the spiral are receivers and transmitters of energy-information. The Spiral of Life is a Divine Intelligent Hologram that can accurately identify what a given organism needs, whether it is a human being, an animal, a plant, or a mineral. In the near future, people will no longer need any synthetic drugs or surgery. Spiral of Life is a tool that helps with the treatment, can help repair all the damage in the organisms. For the time being, people are not quite open to this, and they are also a bit unbelieving, but that will change very soon. These huge capabilities of Spiral Life are not accidental. It is the great plan of God to heal humanity not only physically but also mentally, so that mankind can finally learn in the heart of God-Christ. The Spiral of Life can make an extra contribution to this. It creates a protective filter around the aura of a human. The Spiral of Life carries the seed of the Divine Consciousness, the Divine Creation, the Divine Life without illness and mental burden. It is an energy-information carrier of an all-embracing, all-penetrating, omnipresent, invisible Creator we know in everything, in the universe, in the stars, in the sun, in the planets, on earth, in all humans, animals, plants and minerals.

This image can clean rooms and transform negatively into positive. It creates harmony between the poles, between the principles, where there is disharmony. It balances the masculine and feminine principles. It enables man to know the unrecognized and thus enables the overall evolution of humanity to advance, to Love, to help each other and to harmonize the nature of man, to balance disharmony in man. Man becomes more balanced and loving, milder, less explosive even completely at peace, with of life.



Meditation with the image of Spiral of Life
For daily meditation it is enough for 10 minutes to concentrate your eyes on the spiral center, to relax, not to be in tension, letting your vision to be slightly blurred. You will see vibrations of the spiral and all the energies vibrating in space. You suddenly feel other feelings. If you feel pain somewhere do not be afraid, it is only the blocked energy starting to flow and negatively wants to get out of the body, from the aura. Relax this place and breathe deeply until the pain stops. Allow the brilliant rays of spirals penetrate into the depths of your body and vibrate there. You can feel for yourself when you are full of energy, start breathing deeply. Move your hands and feet, move your head around and you can end the session.

This kind of meditation in front of the painting is also recommended to severely ill people in oncology, internal departments, and can greatly contribute to the treatment.

Furthermore, this painting has the ability to help develop artistic creativity: music, painting, woodcutting, embroidery, and so on.

Even a person who has never previously had the talents can suddenly unblock the center of creativity and spontaneously begin to form. Spiral of Life could be a great helper for spiritual people, but also for entrepreneurs, ministers, deputies, doctors, adolescents, teachers, children, mothers, in short for everyone.

However, not everyone at first glance can feel good energy on this picture. This is because some have lots of blocks and your aura can feel the immense power of this hologram. In this case, it is important for a person to let the painting shine in the space, where one is working or where one is asleep. It can gradually raise the frequency of one´s auric field to take away the negative energy and charge with positive energies. Over time, for some it may take longer, one´s feelings towards the image turn into beautiful and harmonious. The image has the ability to create a variety of feelings. This only shows us that we need to do something with ourselves. If you feel the heat or cold sensations or tingling in your hands and feet, it means that energy can vibrate very well through you.

I wish much joy and beautiful experiences on the way of Self knowledge - Ľubica Weiss

Comment on Facebook: "I know this picture from the Health Hall in ZM, it is really strong and beautiful, we all admire it, it brings joy, the desire to live, to love, to create, to dance, to enjoy life, ... great thanks for all." VL



healing painting Spiral of Life

reproduction of painting Spiral of Life

on canvas with blindframe format 40 x 60 cm for 99,-€


or in a frame

Format 27,5 x 27,5 cm in an elegant white frame with antireflexive glass.

The painting is prepared to be hanged on a wall or placed on a table with a stand.


price 15,-€


Format 21,7 x 21,7 cm in a modern white wooden frame with antireflexive glass.

The painting is prepared to be hanged on a wall or placed on a table with a stand.


price 12,-€



Format 20 x 20 cm in a modern clip frame with antireflexive glass.

The painting is prepared to be hanged on a wall.

price 10,-€

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