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Introducing my Transmission Paintings

These holograms are found in My Book with instructions for using them. Each picture is a special message that you can read before meditating with the image.

This is a video with Alžbetka Šorfová from Internet TV Ways to Your Self.


Lubica Weiss Transmisní obrazy



Dear friends,
Presenting my BOOK Transmissions:



Have a look at some of the paintings from the book, each image has a unique purpose.

There is a written message for each painting.



Just as the life of nature is renewed with Spring, and after winter's sleep everything wakes up and slowly comes to life, a desire for a "New Life" also arises in man, the desire for creating something else, better and more beautiful in ourselves and in the outside world. Everyone is looking for New Paths for their realization and here is one of the possibilities for inner growth and renewal, in the form of this unique gem: the book "Transmissions - 22 Light Holograms with Meditations".

It is a spiritual and artistic jewel. You have the opportunity to enter into your interior, and so with the holograms, their radiation, you know yourself, the most secret places of your soul. They help transform fear and uncertainty and create peace within oneself. You also have the ability to own this collection of 22 healing images that is summarized in this work. The images can be very well used in your home, either as a work of art for beauty, or for the purpose of clearing, protecting or changing the vibration of your home, workplace, or for other purposes you just need. The paintings have healing vibrations for the renewal and regeneration of the whole body. Images are dynamic tools for meditation, which, when you regularly and seriously work with them, serve as a tool for spiritual progress and healing. I recommend working with the images either in the morning after getting up or in the evening before bedtime, when the holograms vibrations work most. The image can be hang over the bed where it acts in deep sleep. You can also directly lay the images on the body.


What do readers say about this book?

"A perfect meditation book. Beautiful intuitive images with great power. I recomend !!!"
"The light has come to me. Just sit and meditate with the book in hand and travel to another dimension. "

Transmissions - 22 light holograms with meditations
Author: Ľubica Weiss, 50 pages, spiral binding, size: 22cm x 30cm, language: Slovak.


Do you like my work?
Here you can buy my book Transmissions

Contact: lubicaweisscentrum.sk
tel: +421 905 451 555


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